Sexual Assault Awareness

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Sexual assault awareness…
is something we all need to know…
as it affects more than we realize…
but for most the wounds don’t show.
For the wounds of sexual assault…
are hidden very deep within…
and many don’t know when it’ll stop…
or some even when it did begin.
For many are abused sexually…
and that includes all the ages…
for even children are assaulted… Continue reading

Abuse Comes in Many Forms

Too many people think that if there are no bruises then the abuse did not happen. Unfortunately, this is so wrong. Abuse comes in many forms from verbal, emotional, physical, sexual, workplace or even spiritual. These are all forms of control and manipulation and all cause wounds to it’s victims. Just because we did not witness it or there is no physical proof does not mean that it did not happen.

Abuse comes in many forms…
and not a certain one is norm.
But too many think it’s hitting…
when it is also verbal or even spitting.
For many things not nice or kind…
are where these abuses we find. Continue reading

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month~~ Wear Orange


February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

On February 10th, wear orange for love.

Get as many people as you can to wear something orange in honor of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and promote respect and healthy relationships! People can wear orange shirts, nail polish, hats, scarves, face paint, ribbons, hair ties/bows, jewelry, shoes, rubber bands in their braces or anything else you can think of.

Too many of our teens are being verbally, emotionally, physically, and sexually abuses. I pray that they will realize that they deserve better and that this is not God’s plan for their lives. Please join me in prayer for our youth and all victims of these abuses.  We have to stop the silence to stop the violence.

Many teens feel trapped…
and forced into silence…
when they search for love…
but find relationships with violence. Continue reading

Dating Advice for Teens and All Singles by Mark Driscoll

I saw this about dating and thought I would share will all the teens and singles out there. There are more single people now than ever before. Many are looking or waiting for spouses.  There are many already making mistakes. Some are being abused before even getting married. Many are looking for love in all the wrong places.  This is excellent advice and I pray that many children, including my own will receive the advice for their futures.

Guard Your Heart

This is a message for teens and those longing for love…
regarding Dating Violence Awareness today.
There is so much I want to share…
but this is all that I will say.

Many of you are longing
for the perfect one to date.
You look from place to place
hoping for your loving future mate.
Then others are only looking
for how many virgins you take.
You go from one to one
possibly with a few babies you make.
And many of you young girls
are so flattered with an older man.
But 10 to 30 years older than you!
You need beware of this man. Continue reading

“Does Anybody Hear Her”

These lyrics from Casting Crowns’ “Does Anyone Hear Her” tells the story of so many of our young people today. And many of us adults can understand because we have been there. God is the Key to everything that we go through. I just pray that you teens and young adults realize He is there for you sooner than many of us older ones have.

“Does Anybody Hear Her”

She is running
A hundred miles an hour in the wrong direction Continue reading