Message to Teens: Kindness and Respect is What You Should Expect

For Teen Dating Violence Awareness…
there is something that I want to share.
Though you teens think we don’t understand…
I can promise you that many of us have been there.
Being bullied and harassed…
almost everyday of my life,
Brought feelings of loneliness and unworthiness…
and acceptance of a life of strife.
I was bullied at home and school…
so what more was I to expect.
I just wanted someone to love me…
with a little kindness and respect. Continue reading

Teen Dating Violence Awareness…

Teen Dating Violence Awareness…
Patterns of violence don’t just suddenly happen when the marriage begins. Many warning signs occur while dating, leading to a high incidence of teen dating violence. February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and I want to help to bring awareness of this growing problem. So many teenagers are desiring love but truly do not know what love is… Love should never hurt. Love is respect, kindness, gentleness… never abusive and violent.

Warning Signs:
Checking your cell phone or email without permission
Constantly putting you down
Extreme jealousy or insecurity
Explosive temper
Isolating you from family or friends
Making false accusations
Mood swings
Physically hurting you in any way
Telling you what to do
Repeatedly pressuring you to have sex

This video is an example of the warning to look for in communicating with an abuser. Just like domestic violence in households, Teen Dating Violence is all about control and manipulation.

If you need help or have any questions, please contact Love is at or call or text to :