Narrowing Path To Oneness

Narrowing Path to oneness

Jesus said destroy this temple and in 3 days I will raise it up. The people said it took 46 years to build the temple and you say you are going to raise it up in 3 days[John 2: 19-21]. Well HE was referring to HIS BODY being the temple but they thought in earthly terms. Continue reading

200th Post: A Glimpse into My Journey From Victim to Overcomer in “The Secret Place” (Psalm 91:1)

This is my 200th post since The Abuse’ Expose with Secret Angel was started¬† in May. For this post, I wanted to do something a little bit different.¬† This is a short story that I had written about my journey from victim to overcomer. This story is basically a synopsis of parts of my first book, The Walking Wounded, that is about to be released. Continue reading