If I Told You My Story…

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“If I told you my story”…
is how the words to this song begin…
but every story’s really about Jesus…
from each life’s beginning to end.
For when we look back at our lives…
we can see how He helped us through… Continue reading

Domestic Violence Awareness– The Walking Wounded Song

THE WALKING WOUNDED by Secret Angel... get your copy today! http://www.thewalkingwounded.us/Image result for the walking wounded song

As we begin the month of October, I want to remind everyone that October is officially “Domestic Violence Awareness Month”. Throughout the month, I will be posting about various abuses. So to start the month off, I want to re-post a song that the Lord gave me one day as I was driving down the road. Now, I am not a song writer… Continue reading

Inspirational Song for Today: Mended


“When you see wounded, I see mended.”— These words just really touched my heart today as I heard this song for the first time. So many of us have been wounded, but God sees us differently. He sees the potential in each of us that He has implanted in our hearts. He sees the healing and restoration that He has in store for us. And, He sees the “mended” version, not the brokenness that we see with our natural eyes. Let us hold onto Him and the healing and restoration that He has planned for our new “mended” self. He will empower us to use our scars to become our stories. And His Word is true… He makes all things new… so let Him make a miracle out of you. Continue reading

The Walking Wounded– Chapter One (The WW Give-Away Begins)

Today marks the beginning of a weekly posting with excerpts or summaries of each chapter of The Walking Wounded in celebration of it’s Participant’s Manual being recently released for group study.  This will be followed by a “give-away” of a combination of The Walking Wounded: The Path From Brokenness to Wholeness and The WW Participant’s Manual in a drawing which will include the names of all who comment and contribute their thoughts and even their own testimony of brokenness to wholeness. Please join us on this journey… Continue reading

Announcing: The Walking Wounded Participant’s Manual

The Walking Wounded Participant’s Manual has been recently released. To celebrate it’s publication and release for use in small group study, we will begin sharing small excerpts of The Walking Wounded with our readers beginning weekly on Thursday, January 14th. This will be followed by a “give-away” of a combination of The Walking Wounded Books and Participant’s Manuals in a drawing which will include the names of all who comment and contribute their thoughts and even their own testimony of brokenness to wholeness. Join us on this journey. Continue reading

The Walking Wounded~~ A Book Review by Gary Bertnick

By Secret Angel
Bush Publishing & Associates 2013, 218 Pages

      As intense and confusing, at times chaotic, our lives can become, there is a God in Heaven who cares and is deeply involved in the minutest details of our lives, whether we know it or not. The author of this book displays this comforting truth in the midst of an abusive marriage relationship that included three children, that staggered along for two decades. This long journey is displayed as a teaching example for others and is shared in a challenging read, a good read! Continue reading

BYOBook Prompt: About The Walking Wounded

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “BYOB(ookworm).”

In my walk with God as He led me out of abusive situations (that I had accepted as normal), I have learned that there are no coincidences in this life. So it is not a coincidence that as I am preparing for a “book launch” for my book, The Walking Wounded, that this daily prompt was posted about our books or desire to write books…“Write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination.” Now, I can tell you that I have learned that God’s promises are true… He protects. He provides. He guides. I can also tell you that He does not want any of us to be abused in any form. He sees the multitude of “the walking wounded” and wants us to be set free from the abuses that we endure and be healed of the wounds of our pasts. He wants us all to go from brokenness to a place of wholeness with Him.

Continue reading

The Walking Wounded: A Book Review by Gracie Lynne


I recently read a book on my kindle. I read it because the author was a friend of mine and a fellow blogger by the name of Secret Angel. The title of the book was “The Walking Wounded.”

I knew she had been abused in her marriage. I didn’t know how much her marriage had resembled mine.

I have read several books on women or children which have been abused. This one was different. It stripped off the layers of deceit that an abusive spouse so often wears. The book also accurately described why a wife or husband keeps returning to an abusive spouse.

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Daily Prompt: Trick Questions—Who Are You?



A Pulitzer-winning reporter is writing an in-depth piece – about you.
What are the three questions you really hope she doesn’t ask you?

As I thought of this question…
there’s only one thing to say.
Please don’t ask my real name!
This is why I am secretive this way.
I have chosen “Secret Angel”…
to be my name that I use.
As I reach out to those hurting…
and all wounded from abuse. Continue reading