Terrified Of Your Spouse?

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Terrified of your spouse?
is not a good place to be…
when you live under fear…
for abuse is your reality.
And whether verbal or emotional…
or financial abuses you receive… Continue reading

NUMBERS… A Message to Victims

NUMBERS… A message to victims:
I want to share a story in “Numbers”…
  12 men were sent to spy the land…
and report back any encumbers.

But only Joshua and Caleb,
did not fear the giants of the land.
For they knew that they would win,
with the Power of God’s Mighty Hand.

But the Israelites complained
claiming they would be victims in fear…
for they could only see the giants,
yelling, “how could God lead us here”. Continue reading

Heart Transformation God’s Way

So many who have been abused or suffered traumas develop a negativity that has been repeatedly spoken into their lives. But we can break from this and be transformed with God’s Word, holding every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. It’s a daily walk that will transform your life. Please join me in this transformation process…


by Hazel Straub

What we think and rehearse in our minds, manifests in our actions. When we meditate and think on the wonderful love of God, his mercy, grace, faithfulness and forgiveness for us, we…

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