Domestic Violence Awareness: The Monster Within… (Spousal Rape)

As we continue these postings on domestic violence, I want to share a poem that I wrote about spousal rape.  This is a real problem and I pray that more will understand the damage that it causes to it’s victims.  Remember, we all have a right to say NO.

The Monster Within…
where the lost of innocence for many begin.
For a loving and kind exterior,
hides the true mean interior.
Deceiving the innocent women,
but hiding the MONSTER within!
That monster hides silent,
till a trigger turns it violent.
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“Addicted to Busyness” By JennaLeeOnLine

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Just want to introduce this young writer to all of my followers. Such profound wisdom in a young vessel.  We all stay too busy! But remember, spending time with God is the best thing that we can do for ourselves and our families. Please join me in encouraging this young writer to continue to share her Godly wisdom on “Running on Coffee and Grace” at


We are obsessed with keeping busy.

With every passing day, it feels like we are busier than ever. I honestly think that some of the problems we experience in our everyday life occur because we are stretching ourselves too thin. A lot of the busyness comes from having all of these new and wonderful opportunities… Continue reading