The Walking Wounded Website

The Walking Wounded: The Path from Brokenness to Wholeness by Secret Angel

is available on  as well as The Walking Wounded book website.  To order your copy of The Walking Wounded please visit this link or The Walking Wounded eBooks are also available.

The majority of proceeds from this book are pledged to go to ministries to help victims of abuse.


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    • Hi Betty… It’s good to hear from you but so sorry that you are suffering. I pray that the pain will be gone and the spirit of infirmity will be broken in Jesus’ name. I will continue to pray for you and have our ministry team pray for you as well. Many blessings to you my sister. May the Peace of the Lord that surpasses all understanding consume you and give you rest in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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  9. I would love to read your book. Is it out yet? Who did you have publish it? I too am a writer and have written three books, a fiction, an autobiography and a self help type book. Would love to get your ideas on how I can move forward with my projects. Thanks Meghan

    • Hi Meghan!! Thank you so much!! I am excited that you want to read my book. The eBook is available on my website and the paperback can be preordered there also. Amazon should have it soon on eBook and paperback also. I am still waiting on the printer to finish printing them and ship them to me. I used Bush Publishing in Florida. Feel free to email me any time. Thanks for your support!!

      • Two questions: One any idea how I can get your book? I don’t have an on line credit card, or pay pal. I think I will have to wait till you get it on amazon and then I can purchase one of those amazon cards at the grocery store? Two: How have you enjoyed your process at Bush Publishing? You can email me directly with your answer if you’d like I am looking around at my options. Are they expensive? I’ve looked into Createspace’s free service but I’m not sure I’ll be happy with the end result. Yet, the finances are limited. And I guess I have a third question: how are you handling marketing when you, like I are undercover. You can’t just go to a bookstore for a signing. I appreciate any advice you can pass on to me. I feel so alone in this endeavor. Thank you Meghan

      • Hi Meghan! I can understand all of your concerns. I have had them too. I called several publishing companies and looked at all options and just prayed about it. I remain “Secret” so I have not had any book signings yet but are considering some in other areas than my own. I can tell you that I will use Createspace for some of the things that I am working on. I will email you also. You are not alone. I have been right were you are…

  10. I have been waiting almost a month now for the book?? Is it out YET? I think if I do not receive it within the next two weeks I will cancel my order and notify my bank, sorry but I find it a little odd that its taking this long.

    • Hi Regina…I totally understand your frustration. I am quite frustrated myself. My publisher is still telling me that it is being printed. The covers are ready but the printer had to close during that polar freeze and were backed up. She told me today that it is “on the line” for printing. I never sent your money to my bank. It is still on pay-pal waiting for the book so I can just cancel it if you want. I did not want you to think that I was taking your money as it was a “pre-order” and I was not transferring it till the book was available and mailed to you. Now my publisher did tell me that it is available on her website, Bush Publishing, so I will give you the link. I promise that I will send you a signed copy as soon as I get them delivered to me. I am quite aggravated with the delay myself more than you can even imagine. I have almost been in tears over this delay with my book. My publishers bookstore where it can be ordered is at I think these are also pre-orders since the printer has not finished yet. I pray that the printer will finish it quickly and ship them to me by next week at the latest. Thanks for your pre-order and I will email you for further instructions… Blessings to you, my friend!

  11. Also when I go to the web site that says to order the book it states: that it is instock!!! I can’t understand why if its in stock I still have not received it yet paid for it over a month ago, would you please check on this for me???? Thank you

    • Hi Regina… Which website says “in-stock” ? I checked mine and it says “pre-order”… unless the pay-pal is saying instock which it is not. I don’t know if the publishers website says instock because she told me today that they were not finished printing. Again, I am so sorry for the delay. I have emailed you. I will try to call my publisher again to see how much longer. This is my link … I will also check with my web designer to see if the pay-pal was set up with “in stock”. I can promise you that I have not gotten my books yet and I anxiously await their arrival. I will email you when I find out more. Thanks Regina for your patience…

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  15. Thank you for your like of my post, 021615 – When I Don’t Know What To Do. It’s always good to have a like or comment from you. Please have a blessed day.

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