Protect all the children! Stop child abuse!

Feelings of worthlessness,

starting at a young age.

Dealing with fear and shame,

dealt by an adult’s rage.

Hopeless feelings,

in one so young.

When they should be happy,

with their lives just begun.

How can this happen?

How can children feel so rejected?

When children should be loved,

and should always be protected.

No inappropriate touching!

No inappropriate anger and use!

Protect all the children,

and stop all child abuse!

58 thoughts on “Protect all the children! Stop child abuse!

  1. This is just so near and dear my heart. We have to be quicker to intervene and put our energy into protecting these precious little ones and less time protecting the guilty. Thank you for your important mission! ~Blessings to you~

  2. What you are doing here is an encouragement to many. I learn a bit more about abuse from you quite often and after having lived with an abusive man for 23 years, I thought I knew alot. I pray God would increase your vision, your passion, your readership and your reach. Thanks,

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I was also with an abusive man for over 20 years and did not realize the amount of abuse that I lived with. God had to reveal the depths of the wounds that had been inflicted on me and others. Words are destructive and lead many down paths of brokenness. God has led me to write a book about abuse and what He has taught me in my journey with Him. I thank you for your prayers for me and our ministry. Many blessings to you and your family my friend!!!

      • Thanks Jeff. I really appreciate your support. I have tried to find your blog by clicking on your name but it only goes to your gravitar. Can you give me the link to your blog so I can find it again. I would love to post your comment as a posting as I previously said and link your blog to the posting. Hopefully it will bring more people to your blog.. Thanks and many blessings.

      • Thank you so much. I will post “A Father’s Plea” for tomorrow am… I will put a link to your blog. I will be praying for you and your children…

  3. As a family doctor I have treated many women for depression who experienced abuse growing up. Thank you for speaking out against it. What can we do to protect children before this happens?

    • Hi Dr.Dell… I really appreciate your comments. As a physician, you have seen the effects of abuse on entire families. Education is a key to stopping the cycle of abuse as well as individuals speaking out. Stopping the silence, stops the violence. No abuser wants to be exposed. The medical profession plays a key part in identifying victims by the assessments that are taken during office visits and ER visits. My book is about to be released and I ask you to check it out. I know that it will help victims of abuse to understand the cycle and learn out to break out of the cycle. God rescued me and I know that He will rescue many others…

      As Christians, I ask you to stand with me in prayer for all victims of abuse around our country and around the world. That victims of child abuse and domestic violence will be rescued. I pray that God will intervene into the human trafficking industry to bring it down and rescue to millions of victims. God is raising an army to fight this spiritual battle for His children who are victims of abuse. Many blessings to you, my friend!!

      • I will be praying. I am a board member of Triad Ladder of Hope, an anti-trafficking non-profit started seven years ago by Sandra Johnson here in the Piedmont of North Carolina.

      • WOW.. Awesome. The Lord put in my heart to start “Secret Angel Safe Houses” and “Transitional Houses” for victims of abuse, including human trafficking. The majority of the proceeds from my book will go to ministries to help victims. Our non-profit status was just obtained yesterday so I just keep praying for God to orchestrate my steps. I will look up information about Triad Ladder of Hope. I am very interested to learn more about it.

  4. I appreciate knowing you liked my Christmas Remembrance blog. Thank you. FYI, I was both Volunteer and staff person for the Guardian ad Litem program in south Florida. Over a ten year period I was involved in providing “best interest” opinions to the court involving over 300 children. I specialized in alleged sexual abuse cases. I am very familiar with the devastation caused by child abuse, neglect and abandonment. Best regards…Alan

    • Wow.. That is an awesome accomplishment and I thank God for raising up professionals like you to speak out for the children of this world who have no voice. So many children are wounded at the abusive hands of those who should be trying to protect them. Thanks again and may God pour out His blessings onto you, my friend!!

  5. The mistreatment of the young in this world is a world wide problem and a world wide disgrace. I sometimes look back on my youth at how many adults treated me horribly, it is shameful. I was very fortunate in the fact that I had a wonderful Mom to help to offset some of the treatment by other adults including my Dad. Many children aren’t so lucky, they grow knowing or believing that no one gives a damn about them.

  6. Thank you for sharing this insight of the pain of Child abuse but it’s hard Secret A, for those who have never experienced this to understand the pain that it brings, emotionally, mentally and physically and this includes the professionals, not that they can’t offer compassion and comfort for those who have and I’m thankful for the caring people who have comforted me in my life but my real healing came when I forgave, it was then that Jesus was able to heal me, yes I remember but I no longer feel the pain or shame.

    I will leave a link to a poem about my early years, it also has links to other poems about when I was molested and abused, they will save a lot of detail here.

    The early years –

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

    • Anne, I am so sorry for your pain and suffering as a child. It breaks my heart as I read story after story of abuse, abandonment, etc. I re-read your testimony. You have a powerful testimony of God’s love and redemption. We serve an awesome God my friend. Please join me in prayer that many more will come to know the Love of our Father and the Peace that only He can give. I posted this song on your site but this is what I was just listening to and wanted to share… May God’s Love and blessings be poured upon you…

      • Thank you Jeff for sharing, I forgave because I was forgiven by someone who never even hurt me but I hurt Him heaps, our Lord is very Loving and merciful. I asked Jesus to help me forgive and He did. But your right we still remember the details but I no longer feel the pain.

        Blessings – Anne.

  7. Very beautifully written and heart-fully spoken. God knows the children, regardless of age need strong voices and sometimes actions, to stand for them. Loved your site.

  8. The subject of child abuse is one that got me started on a long journey of research and discovery. Most if not all people know at least one person who has suffered due to child abuse in its many forms.

    I am about to launch a new site on a related topic of animal abuse which will keep me busy for the next few months.

    If you would like to provide me with an article for my blog site,, as a guest blog, I’d be very pleased to publish it with a link back to here.


    • You are very welcome… I can relate to so much that you write about as single parents, Christians, Faith… This walk is not an easy walk but God guides our path as He submit to Him. I really enjoy your blog. Many blessings to you, my friend.

  9. I am so frequently amazed at your tenacity to never stop speaking out on abuse of all kinds. Surely God had used the bad experiences for the good for others. Romans 8:28 in full circle. I too have a heart for the hurting, especially children. Abuse comes in so many ways, some overt, some not so overt…I believe that the ungodly messages and expectations of the youth today that is saturating the world view is also abusive. Our society would have the youth of today believe that 1)anything goes 2)casual sex is freeing 3)truth is subjective 4)all that matters is that I “succeed” 5)I can fool around with drugs and alcohol and there is no consequence (e.g everyone does it). 5)there is no god. I could rant on and on…. anyway – love your blog and thanks always for your support of mine.

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I totally agree with you that society/ the world is leading our youth astray. I have been criticized for the standards that I speak about but we have to call our youth up to a higher level. In my brokenness, I accepted abuse as a way of life. I never want anyone broken by bullying and rejection and the feelings of insecurity that result. So many deserve so much better than what we have accepted in life… I look forward to you reading my book and giving me your input. You are a blessing to me, my sister!!

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  11. It is easier to forgive than to forget. I still remember, and I still deal with the feeling sometimes. I have gotten better over the years. It is something that I prefer not to talk about. The Lord continues to bring healing in my life. I have finally gotten to the place where it is not something I want to share. I have, by the grace of God, moved on. It has taken a long time to do this. Only by the compassion of the Lord can I speak of it.

    • I am so sorry that this has happened to you, Pam. I agree that it takes a long time to get over it and God brings healing… all in His timing. We serve an awesome God and He is the Key to overcoming. I thank God that He is healing you and guiding you. Many thanks and many blessings to you, my sister! 🙂

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