Sexual Soul Ties

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These sexual soul ties are real! So even if you think you had only one partner, how many did you really have? Just think about it!

Sexual soul ties…
are passed on again and again…
from one to another…
till severed and come to an end.
For what was in one soul…
becomes part of another…
all intertwined together…
with numerous unknown others.
So think about your partners…
and where they may have been… Continue reading

Beware of Little “Red Flags”

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Beware of little “red flags”…
that we perceive or feel…
but then allow doubt to enter…
wondering if the warning is real.
And beware of these “flags”…
from others we receive…
cause too many ignore them…
with warnings they don’t believe.
For these “red flags” can come…
in many different ways…
through feelings we get…
or the words others say.
For God can use anything…
or anyone He wants to use… Continue reading

“Me-Too” Love– Think About It!

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This is for the many who always get a “Me too” response when they express love to someone. Beware of the “Me too” responses for something hinders them from expressing “Love”.

Have you ever said “I love you”…
then heard “me too” in return.
Now that’s what “Me-too” Love is…
and it’s something many have to learn.
For many people have difficulty…
to express “love” in an outward way…
and instead of saying “I love you”…
it’s only “Me-too” that they will say. Continue reading

Many Wounded Remain Lonely


The words in this picture are so true for many who have been hurt by others. Many wounded people put up barriers to protect themselves from getting hurt again, basically isolating themselves. I pray that all hearts will be healed to receive all that God has planned for each person… for we were not created to be alone.

When I saw this picture,
I knew I needed to share.
For many things in this life,
are truly not fair. Continue reading

EXPOSURE…the key to stop abuse!

Expose abuse…

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

expose abuse

Exposure!! Every day, I see many people on blogs telling their stories about the horrors of their past with various abuses…but all with the same wounds and brokenness caused by the abuse. I see famous people starting to speak out about domestic violence like Patrick Stewart, Tyler Perry, and Teri Hatcher. The key to stopping abuse is to expose it…

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I’m Afraid for You

This is an awesome message for victims of abuse… Seek help. Plan ahead. Important phone numbers included…

Prayers and Promises


©2013 Diana Rasmussen

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She lived in the trailer right across the street
not much of a neighbor she kept to herself
When the sun went down the fights would start
noises travel in a trailer park
I went over one day with cookies in hand
saw the fear in her eyes said

I’m afraid for you
I heard what he called you last night
what he’s doing just isn’t right
My door’s always open
anytime day or night
I’m afraid for you

That night he came home
smelled something amiss
he started screaming and yelling
I heard punching fists

Afraid for my friend
I called 911
it was time for
this to be done

I’m afraid for you
I heard what he called you last night
what he’s doing just isn’t right
My door’s always open
anytime day or night
I’m afraid for you

She stood…

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Relationships… The Word for Today (Part 2)— A Prophetic Word to the Single Children of GOD

Yesterday, God gave me the word “Relationships” to write about. I included a portion of my story on that blog at , as I ignored the warning signs and ended up in an abusive relationship.  Shortly after I wrote this, I received this prophetic word from Brother Steve from Hope For A Hopeless Generation at Brother Steve had no way of knowing that I was just having this conversation with a friend as we were speaking about waiting on the Lord for total guidance and direction for every aspect of our lives. This is no coincidence that Brother Steve got this word for “All Single Children of God”—This word directly from the Lord is Part 2 of the Word that I got yesterday, “Relationships”…


Unfortunately abusers manifest after marriage often times. Although they do show signs leading up to marriage. But are we seeing the red flags and ignoring them, ‘buying into the lie that they will get better, it’s a matter of commitment.’ Or do we see those red flags and don’t want to believe that he/or she is not right for me. Because if we continue down the wrong path, we will pay a heavy price for disobeying the Lord.

SINGLE CHILDREN OF GOD listen:  This is why it is so vitally important to have a real relationship with God first before dating, before marriage so you can hear the literal of voice of Jesus Christ as promised in John 10:14-16: “I am the good shepherd; and I know My sheep, and am known by My own. As the Father knows Me, even so I know the Father; and I lay down My life for the sheep. And other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice; and there will be one flock and one shepherd.”

PRAY! SEEK the Lord seriously until you get a real clear answer. Seek Him always in everything both small and great. Seriously give your heart soul and body completely over to the Lord Jesus Christ as a righteous and clean temple of the Living God, Holy and pleasing to Him, baptized and filled with His Holy Spirit. Asking Him to reveal all darkness that maybe hidden in relationship in the now and in the future. For He is the light of the world and all things are exposed by His literal presence (John 3:19-21). And let the Lord Jesus Christ lead and guide you into His perfect will and to the future spouse that He so designed for you to have. He is our Shepherd and this is what He has promised in: Psalm 23:1-3. And then HEED to the Voice of the Lord and do what He says when He tells you “No.” Because He is Omniscient: He knows all things. He knows the end of all chapters of life before it ever began. Before He ever laid the foundations of the world He knew us. And we need to trust in the LORD and know that He knows better than we ourselves. 2 Corinthians 6:14-18.”

This Meassage is for someone or possibly many single Christians that will visit this site soon. I pray sister that you relay this message, the Lord Is speaking…

Domestic Violence Emergency Checklist

The is an awesome post for victims of domestic violence around the world. Abuse and domestic violence are not isolated in a single area. I ask all believers to join together in prayer for all victims of the abuses of this world… I pray for deliverance of all victims from the evils of this world with healing and restoration across the land… Amen