Human Sex Trafficking and The Super Bowl…

NOW is the word for today…
so I NOW lift up these victims and ask you to pray.
Human Sex Trafficking and The Super Bowl…
where football tickets aren’t the only thing sold.
But these trafficking victims need our prayers…
not just criticisms and sickly stares.
Traffickers will bring victims from around the world…
to make money selling sex with young girls.
So we all need to be aware…
and I ask you all to join me in prayer.
I pray for victims of this horrendous crime…
and  many victims will be rescued at this time.
I pray that hearts will be opened to report…
any possible trafficking activity at this sport.
I pray that thousands of victims will be rescued…
for it will be more important than football news.
For this involves the saving of many lives…
these girls are drugged, beat and threatened with knives.
And these victims are not there to “play”…
they’re trapped in nightmares of abusive sex everyday.
So join me in prayer for their rescue this weekend…
so these victim’s nightmares will come to an end.
Lord, we lift up every sex trafficking victim to You…
and ask You to orchestrate a miraculous rescue.
Let all sex trafficking rings be broken…
and justice for these victims clearly spoken.
We thank You Lord for hearing our prayer…
and thank You for the rescue we declared.
In Jesus’ Most Holy Name, Yahshua. Amen.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.

24 thoughts on “Human Sex Trafficking and The Super Bowl…

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  4. his is for you secretangel !

    Her name is SECRETANGEL

    Her name is SECRETANGEL, but a secretangel she is not
    Not with all the admirers and followers she has got.
    She traveled a road of loneliness, heartache, and pain
    Then entered JESUS and her life would forever change.
    He had plans for her for his voice she would be
    To help the suffering people through her poetry.
    He gives her the words of encouragement, hope, and faith
    For in his eyes change is never late.
    She is his instrument, his tool to plant his seed
    The umbilical cord on which we can feed.
    She is a lifeline, the life preserver of the sea
    Whenever you feel you are drowning
    “There she will be “.
    Some find JESUS when they’re very young
    Others find JESUS when their life is done
    He has a time picked off when he will enter your life
    But first you must go thru your struggles and strife.
    The same way he entered SECRETANGELS when the time was right.
    She is the North Star found any time night or day
    And when you find her –you’ll find a better way.

    • Thank you so much. Brought tears to my eyes… I thank God that He is touching hearts with the words that He gives me. However, I remain humble before my Lord. I am only His vessel and take no credit. It is all about Him… not about me. My blog is dedicated to Him and I give Him all the praise. Thanks for your kindness. May God pour out His blessings upon you!!

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    • Amen… I totally agree and stand with you in prayer for all of these victims. The time is now for a major prayer movement for these victims as they all get dispatched to the same area for the Super Bowl this weekend. I am really praying for a miraculous rescue!! Thanks for sharing that link. That was an awesome article. Thanks for your support Chris!!

    • Thank you so much for your support. I pray that many believers will stand with us in prayer for a miraculous move to rescue victims this weekend. May God bless you, my friend.

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  8. And oh, how about the praise of certain removals of clothing during halftime in Super Bowl history? And the cheesy commercials? I join in prayer this weekend! Blessings 🙂

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