Domestic Violence Day 4: Psychological Abuse


The last several days, I have posted the first 3 of October’s Domestic Violence Series. So now, I will try to explain what I have learned about another listed abuse: Psychological Abuse…
Psychological abuse is in most cases another name for emotional abuse and can be found used interchangeably. We find that it is often listed separately so I thought that I should address it.

What I have found with psychological abuse is that is the degree of abuse that causes psychological harm. If a victim gets out of an abusive situation early, the degree of psychological trauma may be less than one who spends a long time or a lifetime in that situation, depending on what has occurred to the victim. Some of these psychological traumas include chronic depression, anxiety disorders, or even PTSD. Psychological abuse is associated with situations of power imbalance and even situations where the abuser causes fear of the outside world in their victims. When the psychological development of a victim is altered, I feel that it leans more towards being called psychological abuse.

So again, psychological abuse and emotional abuse are in most cases the same thing. I feel that the degree of the abuse and the degree of trauma more or less constitutes if it should be called emotional or psychological abuse. Now as a former victim, who has suffered from PTSD from the abuses, I can tell you that whatever it’s called, it still hurts…

18 thoughts on “Domestic Violence Day 4: Psychological Abuse

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  5. Such an important and difficult to identify component of abuse!! So glad you’re talking about it. Some examples to throw in… giving blatant mixed messages, telling the victim to live up to impossible standards, brainwashing, shaming, blaming, convincing the victim that he/she is the perpetrator of abuse… basically I put anything that falls in the category of “messing with someone’s head” or causing them to question their own motives, actions, thoughts, and feelings under psychological abuse.

    • Thank you so much for the additional comments. I am not a therapist or counselor so I really appreciate the support. Unfortunately, I can identify with your description from my own experiences. It’s amazing how an abuser can make a victim question their entire being. I appreciate you following me and welcome any additional comments. I have felt that all the different abuses needed to at least be mentioned this month of DV Awareness so I will be continuing. Thanks again and many blessings to you!!!

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  7. Nice blog. My daughter is a State’s Attorney where she lives, responsible for filing criminal charges against abusers. Her biggest problem is getting the victim to cooperate, to show up, to testify. All too often the victim waits until she is badly hurt or her children are in danger. Sad indeed.


    • Yes, it is sad. There are a million reasons why victims don’t stand up… most go back to fear. Fear of their abusers. Fear of losing their family or children. Fear of losing their financial support. Another reason is confusion because many are not sure if it is abuse because so much of it is underhanded, deceitful, and manipulative. I have written a book about abuse that is being printed now. I would love for you and your daughter to read it. I pray that it will help many victims to understand how they fall into that trap of abuse and then get caught in that cycle of abuse. Thanks for following and many blessings to you!

  8. Yes. The scars that no one sees.
    The longer you have lived with verbal and psychological abuse, the deeper the scars have gone.
    Hard to get over it.
    I was diagnosed with PTSD too…back in the early 90s.
    And still, it is is hard sometimes to feel SAFE.
    I put a little sign up in my kitchen that says: “Count Your Blessings,” to remind myself that right now I am OK.

    • I totally understand. The wounds from these abuses go deeper than our eyes can see. Only God sees these wounds into the depths of our souls from these abuses. I hope you read my book that is in print now because it touches on this same subject that you talk about, deep scars of abuse. Many blessings to you my friend.. May God bless you!!

  9. I’ve only taken a quick look around your blog and this article, but I would highly recommend Paul Tripp’s book, “Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands.” It talks about many of the issues that you seem to be writing about. It’s helped me immensely, as a non-professional person in ministry, in understanding how to deal with these kinds of situations. If you’re interested you can check it out here:

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  11. Dear Angel, Verbal, emotional or psychological abuse, as well as physical abuse is a form of power over someone who is not able to defend oneself, and, yet, the abuser, has often also suffered abuse, perhaps self-inflicted. There is a chain of cause and effect that goes beyond the two people involved in individual abusive situations.. Social conditions contribute, as does poverty, and lack of coping skills. So much could be taught in schools about life that at this time is not.

    • You are so right. There are so many contributing factors but all result in a cycle of abuse that is hard to break out of. Yes, so much needs to be taught in schools. So much needs to be changed. I will be praying for God can make all things possible. Many blessings to you Jean!

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