Domestic Violence Day 23: Sexual Exploitation by Helping Professionals


According to RAINN, “Sexual Exploitation by Helping Professionals” is defined as sexual contact of any kind between a helping professional such as a doctor, therapist, teacher, priest, professor, police officer or lawyer and a client or patient.

A big problem with this sexual exploitation is that these professionals have a large amount of control over these victims who go to them as clients or patients.  They give informed consent for treatment but not for sexual violations. Most of these violations occur between male providers and female patients or clients. This behavior is unethical but very difficult to prove. However, if substantiated, these behaviors can be grounds for malpractice and loss of their professional license.

There are three major types of sexual involvement of this kind:

1. Sexual activity during professional treatment or service.

2. Sexual activity with the implication that it has therapeutic benefits.

3. A sexually exploitative relationship.

This sexual exploitation is not acceptable behavior and involves the professional using a position of great power over a person who needed their help. These professionals have a professional obligation to maintain these boundaries and the clients or patients have an expectation of respect and the maintenance of these professional boundaries. These professionals have the responsibility to protect these clients or patients, not to serve their own needs, as these people have put their trust in these professionals and that trust was betrayed. It has devastating effects on its victims.

Many clients in therapy are very susceptible for sexual exploitation because they are very vulnerable and trust the professional to help them. These sessions can be very personal with the clients innermost thoughts and feelings discussed.

There is a very low report rate of this type of exploitation because of fear that they will not be believed and anticipated pain with pursing any case against the perpetrator. It often takes years for the victim to realize that they have been harmed

If any victim suspects that they have been violated, they should notify the licensing board of that profession or file criminal charges or consider civil lawsuit with their own personal attorney.


8 thoughts on “Domestic Violence Day 23: Sexual Exploitation by Helping Professionals

  1. I feel strongly that brothers and sisters in the family of God, who know of sexual exploitation by profressionals against a broither or sister in Christ, that they should provide the moral and prayer support and strength for the victim to reeport the case. to appropriate authorities. When a member of the body suffers, the rest of us suffer with him/her. We must stand united in Christ against the enemy and his unspeakable works.

    • Amen… and that goes for all professionals in any position of power or authority. I totally agree for the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy any way that he can and we have to stand together in Christ against these attacks of the enemy and support our hurting brothers and sisters.

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