An Introduction to Human Trafficking

Justice Network

There are still many people who know little about human trafficking, or tend to think it is about immigration issues.  A good video to share to introduce to people towards a better understanding of what human trafficking really is, is this:

The NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking created a toolkit to help you in spreading awareness about human trafficking during this month and for Human Trafficking Awareness Day as well (Jan. 11).

We also recommend our resources pages (always being updated):
A list of movies about human trafficking & justice issues
Ethical & Fair Trade non-consumable goods
Coffee Companies
Chocolate Companies

A book list is coming this month!

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10 thoughts on “An Introduction to Human Trafficking

    • Thanks for reblogging “Justice Networks” posting. I totally agree with you. It is very important information. Too many have turned a blind eye to this huge problem. God bless you!

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  2. Hello!! My name is Hannah Stangl and I am doing a blog about the effects and causes of human trafficking as well as how it effects society as a whole. With your permission may I list this blog as a good source to look at for more information about human trafficking?

    • Hi Hannah! Human trafficking is a horrific problem around the world today that needs more attention brought to it. There are organizations strictly dedicated to the search and rescue of these victims as well as the healing and restoration of their broken lives. Please let me know if I can help as I pray for these victims.

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