FEAR… A “Thriller” to Some or a New Reality Show for Abuse Victims

Fear is the topic that keeps coming to my mind lately. Maybe it’s the recent “Halloween” where many seem to be excited to “play” with the demonic world or it’s because of triggers that occasionally happen bringing fear or worry. Many people love to watch “thrillers” or “horror” movies where they sit on the edge of their seat and get some kind of “thrill” or excitement with being scared. However, I can tell you that when you have lived with real fear, you don’t want to play with it. When you have run for your life in fear, you don’t find anything fun with fear.

Many abused women live in fear for the next violent outburst. Many have run for their lives and do not want to watch shadows lurking in the darkness or someone waiting to jump out at them… because they have lived it. It brings it to a new reality when someone really is wanting you dead or has threatened you before and you know their potential for violence. You see, once you have witnessed a person that you love transform into a violent or demonic personality, you really never want to see it again… but you never know when it may happen. Just like we who have been abused have “triggers” that instantly bring fear or uncontrolled crying, these abusers have triggers that set them off into their violent mode. Now, I can tell you that it is not fun to watch and is definitely terrifying.

So many people don’t understand this FEAR… because they have never seen real violence and experienced real fear. Many people gather around weekly to watch reality shows on TV. Maybe instead of watching these famous people live these outrageous lives, someone needs to do a reality show following victims of abuse in the shelters around the world who have run for their lives in fear with only the clothes on their backs. Now, you will never get the abusers to admit that they are violent, but so many similar stories of violence should bring more reality to the plight of the abused. Many women and children have nothing after running from the person who should be protecting them. Their fear is real. Their situations are real. Maybe someone out there should make this a new reality show. It may bring domestic violence to a new level of awareness.

12 thoughts on “FEAR… A “Thriller” to Some or a New Reality Show for Abuse Victims

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    I’ve lived with fear for a time after being stalked. I gave it up and left my fear on the steps of a church. No one was there to help me, the church was locked, but I called upon something inside of me and let it go. Many people live with REAL fear everyday. My best to them and it is my hope that they find peace.

  2. Amen and Amen. I have endured a long history of abuse. I understand and I applaud you for writing about the fear that outsiders do not understand or will ever understand unless something happens to them. GOD forbid. Well done! GOD bless you secretangel!

    • Thank you so much Rachel. It always amazes me with those who want to be scared. I have lived with too much fear to want to experience it for fun and I know that many abuse victims feel the same. I plan to write on fear for several days. I hope you follow. Blessings to you my friend!

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