Daily Prompt: The Secret Place



In my brokenness,
when I’ve been down and depressed.
I totally sought God,
where our relationship progressed.
I found a Secret Place…
where I would go hide.
And in His Presence…
I would prayerfully abide.

beautiful girl
As I hid from my abuser…
and those who caused me pain…
I released the hurt,
the fear and the shame.
For abusers tear you down…
as low as you can go.
But God builds us up…
and this you have to know.

secret place 2
This Secret Place…
deep inside your heart.
Is a great place…
for this relationship to start.
He heals you from the past,
making you whole again.
Then you can move forward…
into your future again.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2013

secret place 6

21 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Secret Place

  1. Beautiful, the best place to be, in His Presence, it woos you, covers you in love and peace, and releases you from carrying your burdens alone. I wish everyone would come to know His Presence.

    • Amen!! That deeper place with God is like no other. So many have superficial relationships but there is nothing like an intimacy with God in His Secret Place. He is the Key to overcoming this world and I pray that more find that level of intimacy. Many blessings to you!!!

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